Joshua Thorn: The Bully – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Joshua Thorn

Joshua has the smooth body and narrow hips of a boy but the firm muscles and broad shoulders of a man, a perfect example of that beautiful transition to manhood you see in an 18-year-old. The youth is chained face-down on a torture platform, completely naked, legs spread, arms overhead, with just enough slack so he can twist and turn erotically as his fine, young ass and back are brutally flogged by another young man, the slightly older Joseph Mathews. Joseph beats the boy without a break for a half-hour. Joshua’s cries of pain and pleas for mercy are almost as hot the two creamy globes of boy flesh that are his ass. A little later the naked youth is stretched up onto his tiptoes and brutally flogged some more, his long, lean, completely hairless body on full display as he screams, squirms and buckles in pain.