Joshua Thorn: The Bully – Chapter 2


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Joshua Thorn

Joseph Mathews likes slowly ramping up the pain and humiliation of his victims. After whipping the soles of Joshua’s feet, he directs his attention to the boy’s torso, ripping off his T-shirt, exposing a smooth, athletic body. The high school bully is now naked but for a jockstrap. “Fuck!” he screams when Joseph smacks his nipple with the crop. “Please…” Joshua begs, his will starting to break, as his nipples and inner thighs are whipped. But Joseph is just getting started. He cuts off the teen’s jock. “What are you doing?” the boy asks nervously as Joseph shoves his balls then his cock through a steel ring. “I’m going to fry your balls,” the leather-clad, young master announces, attaching electrodes to the cock ring and a steel ankle-cuff. Joshua’s lean body buckles and shakes as the current flows, until he nearly passes out from the pain.