Joshua – Captured Youth – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Joshua

Joshua is a typical suburban youth, just past his 18th birthday, still living at home and attending high school. Until today his biggest worry was an algebra test. Hooded, in total darkness, he is dragged into a room by a collar and bolted to a table. His undershirt is tight and barely covers his navel. His legs and butt fill out his skinny jeans. He has the classic teenage body, lean, with a small waist, big pecs and shapely arms and legs. Struggling against his bonds and moaning through a gag, his long-sleeve shirt is ripped off, revealing a sexy body under his too-small A-shirt. Holes are cut over his nipples, which are then beat red with a riding crop, as is his exposed navel. This is going to be fun.