Joseph Matthews – The Contest II – Chapter 5


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Joseph Matthews, Axel Johnson

Pretty boy Joseph Mathews looks sexy as fuck stretched out on the rack, his back arched and stomach sucked in. He is completely naked, his lean torso sporting a light spray of hair from his pubes to his pecs. Top man Axel Johnson is totally turned on, having this perfect boy-body at his disposal. He smacks Joseph’s abs, nipples and legs with the riding-crop as he gradually tightens the rack’s crank. “Fuck you!” Joseph yells, but he is clearly terrified. The boy is blindfolded, in complete darkness, so he has no idea where the crop will land next. Axel slaps his inner thighs and twists his nipples then switches to a small but nasty flogger, turning Joseph’s heaving chest bright pink, whipping his abs and cock too. Then Axel gets creative, adding a feather duster to the kid’s torment, tickling his underarms, balls and the soles of his feet while also whipping him.