Joseph Matthews – The Contest II – Chapter 3


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Joseph Matthews, Axel Johnson

Joseph Mathews looks so inviting stripped naked, chained to an inclined platform on his knees and elbows so his pretty mouth and round ass are at the perfect height for fucking. Axel Johnson looks on, working his big cock, totally aroused, knowing he can fuck this boy at will. “Show me that hole!’ Axel demands, pulling apart Joseph’s cheeks, revealing a pink, quivering boy-slot. Axel decides to lube up by fucking the boy’s mouth, but the kid gags and chokes, turning away. No bother, Axel is an ass-man. He turns Joseph in his fuck boy, slapping his ass, eating his hole then fucking it from every position possible, making the slave groan in agony. Joseph feels like he’s being ripped apart by the huge, encouraged cock. “Please,” he begs as Axel jackhammers him, but the fucking goes on and on and on.