Joseph Matthews – The Contest II – Chapter 2


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Joseph Matthews, Axel Johnson

If young Joseph Mathews thinks Axel Johnson sees him as a sex toy, enjoying his asshole and cock, he is mistaken. Axel loves sex with pretty boys but he loves making them suffer even more – and, with his lean body, tight abs, light body hair and angelic face, Joseph is about as pretty as they get. Axel lays into Joseph’s back, abs and chest with the flogger, turning his tanned skin bright red. He places biting clothespin on the tip of Joseph’s nipples and highly sensitive spots on his ball-sack. “Fuuucckk!” the boy moans as Axel wields his crop expertly, delivering dozens of quick, painful blows all over the boy’s body before punching his abs, making Joseph double-over and gasp. No mercy for pretty boys!