Joseph Matthews – The Contest II – Chapter 1


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Joseph Matthews, Axel Johnson

Joseph Matthews has spent the last day gut-punching Axel Johnson, sucking his cock and jerking him off. But now the tables are turned. Joseph and Axel are in a contest to see who can dominate the other most effectively. Axel, wearing black jeans, no undies and a leather harness, is totally turned-on by lean, young Joseph, now bound, naked and totally helpless, in the pillory. “What the fuck!” Joseph says as Axel kneels down and sucks Joseph’s cock, as his own cock pops out of his pants and triples in size. Joseph assumed he was in for a beating, but, instead, Alex eats his ass, treating the pretty boy like a sex-slave while working his own cock. Axel then gets rougher with the boy, first with his fists then with a nasty flogger.