Joseph Mathews – Anonymous Top – Chapter 3

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Joseph Mathews 

Pretty boy Joseph Mathews is learning the hard way not to get into debt with a man who likes to torture beautiful twinks. With his lanky, athletic body and his long, thick hair framing a beautiful face, Joseph is the perfect fantasy boy for a rich client, who is paying us a much larger fee than Joseph’s debt. But Joseph doesn’t know that. All he knows is he must suffer hours of non-stop torture or come up with cash he does not have. He is gagged and naked, bound standing, with chains at his wrists and ankles. He’s whipped with a flogger, turning his lean, hairless torso bright red as he moans through a ball-gag. Then he’s lifted by his chains and left dangling in mid-air for hours, his shoulders and arms in total agony.