Joseph Mathews – Anonymous Top – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Joseph Mathews

Joseph Mathews, 23, has been in our orbit for two years, torturing boys himself and submitting to torture. He has also racked-up a huge debt – and now he will pay it off. One of our superfans, a rich, prominent man, has offered us a very large sum to torture this lanky, smooth-bodied youth and has agreed to have the torture filmed, as long as we maintain his anonymity. So, today, Joseph is stripped naked and bound to a torture table. The man places electrodes at the prone boy’s ankles and wrists. Joseph knows the pain will be terrible, but his fine, young body won’t be permanently damaged. If he chooses, he can end the pain at any time by removing the wrist electrodes just inches from his fingers, but then his debt will double, and he will have to pay it all today.