Jesse Stone – Political Prisoner – Chapter 6

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jesse Stone, Axel Johnson

After being crucified for ten hours, blond boy Jesse Stone’s muscular body, in peak physical condition when his torture began, is now broken. The young athlete is allowed to rest, bent over a padded horse, his asshole spread wide. He knows he is about to be fucked by the man torturing him, punished not for his crimes but for his youth and beauty. Axel Johnson, naked, his huge cock throbbing with lust, fucks the boy hard for a good hour. Jesse moans in agony the whole time, as his fine ass is brutally fucked and spanked. Not wanting to leave any physical evidence, Axel pulls out right before ejaculating, blasting a massive load of cum all over the dungeon, then goes right back to fucking the boy.