Jesse Stone – Political Prisoner – Chapter 5

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jesse Stone, Axel Johnson

Jesse can’t believe what is happening to him. Hanging by his wrists and ankles, strapped to a cross, not even a foot off the ground, is tormenting his body in ways he didn’t think possible. Every muscle in his body is fatigued and straining. He must lift himself up to breathe but his muscles give out and he collapses, forced to hang from his wrists, over and over. The loincloth around his hips droops so low that his pubes and top-inch of his cock are visible. The man torturing him pulls up his loincloth – presumably to hide his cock, so that what is about to happen to him can be televised – then, he whips his chest and stomach. Still, after a few lashes, the loincloth is ripped off, exposing his beautiful cock, and the whipping resumes. His tormentor strokes his straining muscles, appreciating the warmth of his pain, then leaves him to suffer, naked and alone, for hours.