Jeremy Stevens: Lockup, Cell Extraction & Prison Gang Fuck

Studio: KinkMen Classics
Actors: Jeremy Stevens, Hayden Richards, Connor Maguire

In this epic KinkMen Shoot: The cells are full of loud, horny prisoners and every correction officer is keeping a close watch. A new troublesome inmate, Jeremy Stevens, is brought in. Jeremy is told to remove his clothes and spread his legs for the strip search. The officers check his hairy tight pink hole for any contraband or weapons. Once he is in the clear, the warden informs the officers that Jeremy is a “high-risk” offender, and should be held in solitary confinement. Jeremy becomes enraged, stripping down to his underwear, tearing apart his cell… Immediately the officers put on their riot gear and prepare for brutal cell extraction. Jeremy is wrestled down and made to suck cock, gasping for air from one cock to the next. Jeremy is fucked by one of his fellow inmates while the officers pin him down. Cocks are lined up the stairway as the guards each fuck the prisoners mouth all the way down his throat. The guards then take turns fucking his tight hole one more time before blowing their hot loads all over his face and muscled body.