Jeremy – Harder, Sir, Harder! – Chapter 8

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jeremy, Felix

Chained on his back to a black cube, muscle-pup Jeremy, freshly whipped on his rippling chest and abs, moans seductively as his master, Felix Frost, hungerly sucks his cock and fingers his asshole. The slave begs to cum. Granted permission, he spurts a big load of splooge from his fat cock. “You’re having too much fun,” Felix announces, then flogs his slave’s chest and abs. Jeremy’s ankles are raised, spreading his ass, and he’s fucked, first with a thick, 12-inch dildo then with an even fatter and longer one. Jeremy screams and moans, but his cock still gets rock-hard. “Whose ass is this?” Felix asks. “Yours master,” the slave answers, then the soles of his feet, ass and thighs are caned! “Hit me harder, master!” he begs.