Jeremy – Harder, Sir, Harder! – Chapter 7

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jeremy, Felix

Jeremy knows he exists to be tortured and used but is still shocked by the sadism of his master, Felix Frost. “Wake up!” Felix screams at him, hanging from his mouth gag for a third day, up on his tiptoes, his balls stretched by a heavy dumbbell. Felix beats him mercilessly then finally lowers him to the floor, stomping on his muscular body with his heavy boots. Later, he bolts the pain-slave face-up to a wooden cube. “I’m ready for more, master!” Jeremy bellows until Felix flogs his exposed torso nonstop for an hour, using both arms simultaneously. “Harder, sir, harder!” the slave begs as his rock-hard pecs and abs are whipped. God, this muscle boy can take a beating.