Jeremy – Harder, Sir, Harder! – Chapter 10

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jeremy, Felix

Spread-eagled on his stomach with a steel butt-plug rammed up his ass, muscle slave Jeremy is viciously lashed with a single-tail whip, from his bulbous ass to his broad shoulders. He gasps in agony as his legs and glutes tremble uncontrollably. His master, Felix Frost, pauses periodically to stroke each whip wound, causing even more pain. “Shall I whip you more, slave?” Felix asks. “Yes, sir, as much as you think I should endure.” Dozens of lashes later, Jeremy’s muscular body flexes and shakes. His screams echo off the dungeon walls as his fresh wounds are sprayed with alcohol then beaten with a flogger. An impressive slave with an impressive body truly suffers.