JD Phoenix – Price Of Entry – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: JD Phoenix

JD Phoenix thought the incredibly painful whipping of his back and ass was his “price for entry” to our dungeon. Now he finds out the front of his body must also pay a steep price before he is given access to our boys. Reduced to the status of a slave, JD is displayed naked, arms spread by chains overhead, ankles spread by a steel bar. His body, a human X, has been shaved, from pits to pubes, so his skin shows every lash. His big cock flaps about, its tip pierced with a “Prince Albert,” his balls painfully stretched by rubber rings encircling his scrotum. Then his chest, nipples, stomach and inner thighs are whipped with a riding crop, covering his smooth, well-shaped body with welts.