JD Phoenix – Price Of Entry – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: JD Phoenix

Before he is allowed to torture and fuck Alexander Ray, JD Phoenix must first prove he can take the pain as well as dish it out. His body is completely shaved, and he is strung up by his wrists, wearing only tight briefs. JD has never been whipped, but now his muscular back is lashed with a single-tail whip, from his shoulders to his waist. Then his briefs are ripped off and his bulbous ass is lashed even harder. He screams and shudders but takes the pain. “Is that all you got!” he bellows. Alcohol is misted on his wounds, bringing him to a new level of pain. Then, he is raised up on his tiptoes and lashed on top of his existing wounds. In the end, he hangs limp, moaning, covered with deep, red welts.