Jared – Elite Athlete – Chapter 3

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jared

Jared has been cuffed to a wood plank, a rope wrapped tightly around his genitals, for hours. His naked body is nearly hairless, with his pubes shaved and just a few hairs around his nipples. The man in black strokes Jared’s cock, getting the young athlete hard, despite the intense discomfort, then mercilessly flogs his chest and abs as he moans, his beautiful face contorted in pain. Later, Jared’s arms are cuffed over his head, behind the plank, causing his back muscles to cramp while arching his torso beautifully and exposing his deep armpits with their smattering of hair. The man gropes and slaps Jared’s muscular torso and whips him again as he squirms and twists seductively.