Jail Break

Studio: KinkMen.com
Actors: Carter Collins, Johnny Donovan, Van Darkholme

Officer Johnny Donovan is overpowered by inmate, Carter Collins and his accomplice Van Darkholme. Donovan endures a day of edging, being blindfolded, fondled, blow jobs, nipple clamps, rope bondage, vibrators and a dick-on-a-stick. The morning started like any other at the County Jail. Due to budget cuts, Johnny Donovan is the only one working this side of the jail. Inmate Carter Collins waits in his orange jumpsuit for a visit from his buddy, Van Darkholme. Before long, Officer Donovan finds himself handcuffed to the cell bars and blindfolded. Carter fondles his muscular legs and groin. Donvan’s clothes are removed and despite being overpowered and humiliated, he also can’t resist Carter’s sweet mouth on his expanding cock. Next, Donovan’s naked, muscular body is tightly bound by rope to a chair. Carter sucks on his toes, licks his feet, then sucks on his hard cock. Carter and Van press vibrators against the sensitive tip of Donovan’s cock, nipples, and taint. Donovan realizes there is no appeasing his tormentors. Next he is bound tight with rope to a dirty mattress where Carter plays with his cock, licks his butthole, and then he sits on Donovan’s rock hard cock. Donovan tries to maintain his dignity and not cum but Carter Collins’ tight asshole milks every last drop.