Jacob Wolf: Acts Of Sodomy – Chapter 9

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jacob Wolf

Jacob hangs on the cross, fucked by a large, steel dildo held in his ass by professional sadist Anthony Martin. While holding the dildo in one hand, Anthony caresses the boy’s body with the other, loving the feeling of pain and fear emanating from his skin. Jacob has been on the cross for all of an hour but he is already in agony, every muscle in his young body tense and straining, his gut sucked in, his shoulders, arms and pecs stretched to the point of feeling like they might tear. “See you in a few hours,” Anthony announces, leaving the room. When he returns, Jacob is in total agony, his body glistening. He is half unconscious, drifting into a state of shock. “Time to wake up!” Anthony says, covering the boy’s balls with clothespins. The fresh pain brings Jacob back to life, at least for a while, until, just as suddenly, his head drops again, his body utterly exhausted, the pain overwhelming.