Jacob Wolf: Acts Of Sodomy – Chapter 5

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jacob Wolf

“I’m not done with you!” professional sadist Anthony Martin sneers at beautiful, young Jacob Wolf, moments after fucking him senseless with his massive cock. The boy, Anthony’s cum drying on his back, shakes in fear and pain from being fucked and beaten. Still on his knees, naked and bound to a steel bar hanging a foot above the floor, Jacob screams in agony as the single-tail whip cuts into his back and ass over and over. Being able to whip such a beautiful boy moments after fucking him is a dream-come-true for Anthony, who stands back and strokes his cock through his pants, knowing the sexual abuse and torture of this innocent youth has just begun. An hour later, Jacob is off the floor, bent over the fuck bench, his ass totally vulnerable. “Miss me?” Anthony asks, showing Jacob the thick, leather paddle that will now beat his ass — and the massive dildos that will fuck it.