Jacob Wolf: Acts Of Sodomy – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jacob Wolf

Anthony Martin raises beautiful, young Jacob Wolf up onto his toes. The naked boy is virtually hairless, with deep, smooth armpits and creamy, flawless skin. The only hair on his body is a light spray of pubes above his cock. The first few blows of the single-tail bullwhip hurt like hell, but they aren’t too bad. Jacob grimaces but is stoic. Then Anthony puts his weight into the blows, making the boy shriek in agony. Soon his torso, from navel to pecs, is crisscrossed with nasty, red welts. Anthony sprays the wounds with alcohol and rubs them, sending the kid into new spasms of pain. Then he lashes the boy’s back and ass. “Let’s see if this dick works!” Anthony says with a sneer. Despite the pain and humiliation, he gets rock hard after a few strokes and spews rope after rope of cum all over the dungeon floor.