Jacob Wolf: Acts Of Sodomy – Chapter 13

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Jacob Wolf

Jacob lies on his back out cold, his wrists and ankles cuffed to the X-cross. He is utterly exhausted, having been fucked and tortured nonstop for days. Prison guard Anthony Martin can’t get enough of this boy. He loves fucking Jacob’s tight ass, squeezing his juicy nipples and stroking his responsive cock. Jacob should have been freed after his crucifixion, but Anthony has kept him as his personal slave. Today, he fucks the boy’s bruised and torn asshole with a steel dildo while getting his cock hard. He orders Jacob to jerk off, but the boy is too exhausted, the pain in his ass too great, to climax, so Anthony whips him, hard, then shocks his asshole with a car battery until Jacob passes out, then wakes him again with the whip. Finally, Jacob is left alone, helpless, in the dark, begging his master to let him go, fearing that he may never leave, that his fate is to be this man’s slave forever.