Izzy Danger – Fantasy Boy – Chapter 6

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Izzy Danger

In America’s dystopian future, idle young men like Izzy Danger can sell themselves as “fantasy boys,” but they cannot have sexual intercourse; that would be prostitution, both a crime and a mortal sin. That was perfect for Izzy, who has never been fucked. But there is a loophole: a machine isn’t a man. So, today, Izzy’s fine, young ass, covered with lash wounds, is fucked long and hard by a machine mounted with a dildo that pounds his virginal asshole continuously for hours, making his whole body tremble and convulse as he moans seductively. Suddenly, the pain gets even worse, as the man torturing him beats the wounds on his ass and the soles of his feet, all while he’s being fucked. Then the machine is turned to full throttle and young Izzy is pounded into oblivion.