Izzy Danger – Fantasy Boy – Chapter 3

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Izzy Danger

His blindfold removed, young Izzy Danger can see the nasty whip wounds on his ribs and stomach and something terrifying: electrodes, one red, one black, attached to the chain binding his arms and neck. He tries desperately to reach the spring-loaded devices, knowing they could, at any moment, send current surging into his naked body, but they are just out of his reach. Suddenly the current flows, not into his arms, as he expected – his wrist-cuffs are insulated – but into his neck, until he touches both hands to the chain; then the current switches to his arms and chest. The voltage is just enough to cause his body to convulse but not inflict genuine damage. His lean muscles jump and shake as he’s shocked over and over. He endures the torture beautifully until he’s a gasping hunk of boy-flesh hanging by the chains.