Izzy Danger – Fantasy Boy – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Izzy Danger

Izzy Danger has been alone, blindfolded, spreadeagled against a wall, naked but for his tiny briefs, for hours, his torso scarred from his first flogging. Izzy is a classic fantasy boy, his lean body nearly hairless but for the pubes peaking above his briefs. The flogging resumes, now even harder. The boy whimpers and flexes as the whip crashes into his abs and chest – and his genitals. He knew he would suffer but not like this. Yet, to his credit, he allows the fantasy to continue. To drop out now would be unthinkable; he’d be shunned and impoverished. Then the man rips off the briefs and grabs Izzy’s cock and balls, squeezing them painfully before whipping him again.