Izzy Danger – Fantasy Boy – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Izzy Danger

In a few years, half the young men in America will be unemployable. Adopting strange names advertising their status, many good-looking youths do the only thing they can: become “fantasy boys.” With a smooth, well-built body, Izzy Danger, 21, will earn more in a few days as a fantasy boy than he makes in three months on the dole. “I can do this,” he says as he signs the government-approved contract explaining that his body will not be “seriously damaged” nor sexually penetrated by another man, since that would be a crime. Blindfolded and chained to a wall, he pants nervously as his shirt is ripped open, then bellows in shock and agony as his hairless torso is flogged mercilessly.