Isaac – The Hookup – Chapter 9

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Axel Johnson, Isaac

Isaac has been reduced to abject slavery, kept chained and naked in painful positions for days, a cum bucket used by a sadistic master, but nothing has prepared him for today. His torso is bound in a leather straight-jacket that rubs against his wounds. He is chained by his throat, bent over a horse, his naked ass totally vulnerable. He knows he will be fucked – and he’s right. Axel Johnson fucks him long and hard, pulling out to cum then pushing his still-hard cock back in. Isaac groans in agony, but the fucking has just begun. Axel shoves the steel shaft of a fuck machine, a jack-hammer tipped with a rigid dildo, deep inside Isaac’s raw hole and turns in on, fucking him hard and fast, with just spit as lubricant. The boy goes nearly hysterical, moaning seductively, as his hole is reduced to hamburger and his beautiful ass is slapped.