Isaac – The Hookup – Chapter 8

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Axel Johnson, Isaac

Poor Isaac, spreadeagled naked on his back, begs for mercy. “Open up!” Axel replies with a shout, shoving a ball-gag in the boy’s mouth and teasing his juicy nipples with the sharp end of a fiberglass cane. Isaac is terrified. He is blindfolded, in total darkness, his balls clamped in a steel vice attached to a winch, which Axel now ratchets up, forcing the boy to arch off the table as his balls are stretched. Then, suddenly, the cane strikes the bottom of his feet, then his inner thighs, then his stretched ball sack! Oh, god, it hurts! Then Axel whips Isaac’s hairless torso and legs with a cat-o’-nine tail. The boy is now nearly hysterical, but god does he look good, his muscular yet boyish body quivering and throbbing as he cries through his gag.