Isaac – The Hookup – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Axel Johnson, Isaac

Axel Johnson doesn’t kidnap his latest boy, Isaac; he seduces him, promising to make his bondage fantasies come true. Young Isaac eagerly agrees and strips down to a tiny jock. He has a well-built, naturally hairless body, but it is his face – its innocence and eagerness – that really attracts Axel. Isaac is totally turned on as this man in leather bolts him to a wall, kissing and tonguing him then cutting off his jock, revealing a Prince Albert: Despite being barely 20, Isaac is kinky as fuck; still, he is shocked by Axel’s aggressive cock-sucking and the sharp pain of a riding-crop striking his cock, balls and nipples. He likes the pain, but his eyes widen with fear when Axel drops the crop and puts on hard-rubber training gloves. The blows to his gut nearly knock him out. “Please….” he begs, but it is too late.