Ian – Sexual Servitude – Chapter 7

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Ian

It’s his own damn fault. If Ian wasn’t so sexy, with his rock-hard bubble butt, narrow waist and broad shoulders, Jared wouldn’t have turned him around, ripped off his mesh briefs and retied him, completely naked, to the concrete pillar, ankles spread to each side and arms up over his head. The boy’s back and ass are basically unmarked, smooth and hairless. That is about to change. Ian’s muscular back is soon crisscrossed with over a dozen deep, painful lash wounds, from his shoulders to his tight waist. Then Jared lashes Ian’s gorgeous ass, two mounds of boy meat, slapping and rubbing the wounds in between the lashes. Then Jared sends the young athlete into new spasms of agony, running a razor-sharp pinwheel over each, raw wound.