Ian – Sexual Servitude – Chapter 6

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Ian

Ian’s pecs are raw and tender, screaming in pain, from the clothespins that wrecked them for hours. Jared rubs the raw flesh then whips the wounds with a flogger, sending Ian into new spasms of pain. He stops only to fondle the jock’s proud cock through the mesh undies that barely cover it. Ian moans in humiliation as his cock is used, but at least, he thinks, I’m not being tortured. Wrong! Jared pulls out Ian’s semi-erect phallus and lines both sides of it with biting pins. Ian knows he is being displayed, tortured and used solely because of his athletic body, boyish face and gorgeous cock. Then he sees the powerful glue clamp that will crush the tip of his cock. He screams when the thing bites. “Oh it hurts!” he moans, naked and helpless. Jared whips him then removes the pins and plays with his cock, then fucks him with a steel butt plug while keeping him hard.