Ian – Sexual Servitude – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Ian

Young jock Ian looks amazing spread-eagled against the wall, his muscular, shaved torso crisscrossed with red lash marks. Jared puts a noose around the base of his balls and ties the rope to an eyehook in the ceiling, lifting the stud off the wall by his scrotum. Ian’s boyish moans and trembling body drive Jared wild, making him want to hurt the boy even more. He whips Ian’s already damaged chest and abs with a bullwhip. When Ian’s balls escape the noose, he quickly re-ropes them, tighter this time, and resumes the whipping. He even whips Ian’s balls! Finally, Ian is released from his ropes and ordered to work his cock and fuck himself with a steel dildo. The young jock does not disappoint, pumping out a huge load of cum.