Ian – Sexual Servitude – Chapter 2


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Ian

Straight college boy Ian is living through a nightmare he couldn’t have even imagined a few days ago. He has been dragged into a concrete room, stripped to his jock and bound in a web of rope that makes it impossible to protect himself. Now the muscular young man in a hoodie who grabbed him is fucking him with a massive, hard-rubber dildo, a humiliating and painful violation that makes Ian scream in agony. Jared squeezes and strokes Ian’s cock the whole time, clearly fulfilling some sexual fantasy. And then things get even worse. Another man appears and, working with Jared, shoves the dildo deep up Ian’s ass and ropes it in place. Then Jared whips the boy’s now permanently fucked ass, sending him into spasms of pain.