House Dom On Edge

Actors: Christian Wilde, Derek Kage

Christian Wilde is bound to a cross by Derek Cage and Van Darkholm. Derek is impatient and kisses Mr. Wilde’s meaty cock through his unwashed cum-stained jeans. With his leather gloved hand, Derek rubs Christian’s manly chest leaving Mr. Darkholm to finish the rope tie. High on the cross, Christian’s crotch is at Derek’s mouth level. Mr. Darkholm cuts away Christian’s underwear with scissors, allowing Derek Cage to gently caress his new toy, Christian Wilde’s cock. Kissing the shaft and licking the tip of his pink treasure. Derek uses his leather gloves to flog Mr. Wilde, before polishing Wilde’s stiff knob with his eager tongue. Mr. Darkholm applies clothespins to the balls. Wilde’s dick is rock hard. More clothespins across his chest and yes, his jaw. The pins are quickly removed before he can cum. Derek can’t stop massaging Wilde’s hard cock. Next Wilde is bound on his hands and knees, his cock and balls exposed to Derek’s hands. Wilde’s head is bound to the bench and he can’t see but he can feel Derek’s sweaty hands on his precious jewels. More rope is wrapped around the balls, securing them until they bulge tight as a balloon. Derek strokes Wilde’s cock and eats his ass. Now a vibrator applied to the penis. This drives Christian wild, but he is not allowed to cum. Mr. Wilde is bound once again to the cross, blindfolded. Derek Cage sucks his cock, unable to keep his hands off Christian’s manhood. Wilde begs to cum. Derek slides the cock between his butt cheeks, then slides it into his welcoming asshole. Cage dances on Wilde’s cock then bounces off before he can cum. Cage can only torment Christian for so long, since he desires Mr. Wilde’s hot load of cum. Derek strokes Christian’s cock, ready to please his superior until Mr. Darkholm interrupts this lovemaking. There is no rule that they have to let Wilde cum. Poor Christian is reduced to beg for relief, and is thankful when he gets a handjob. Derek’s mouth is wide open ready for that payload.That sweet payday shoots across his face, onto his tongue and down his throat.