His Pucker Is So Tighty

Studio: Young Bastards
Actors: Giorgio Angelo, Derek Nagy

When handsome boy Giorgio wants some ass he goes for it. Young Derek is easily seduced and although he looks almost angelic at the start he quickly has the dom boy’s big uncut cock pumping in and out of his wet mouth. He might need lessons in how to take a good dick but with the first taste of that delicious tool the boy is getting the hang of it. With spit and precum smeared all over his face it’s time for his ass to take the same. His innocent pucker is so tight, but Giorgio is persistent, lubing up that hole with his leaking dong and pushing his raw meat through. Derek’s education won’t be complete until his face is splashed with fresh cream and his own hard meat has spat it’s load, but once the deed is done the boy is going to want more from his kinky new teacher.