Hazed: Apollo Fates, Des Irez And Benvi

Studio: KinkMen.com
Actors: Apollo Fates, Benvi, Des Irez

When Benvi rushed the Frat House of Apollo Fates and Des Irez, he had no idea the hazing they would put him through. They tie empty bottles to his hands and make him clean the house, but when he gives them some lip they turn the hazing up to eleven. They strip Benvi down to his jock, tie him up to some workout equipment, and beat him with a paddle and whip him with a leather flogger. Apollo and Des make a leash out of rope and make Benvi crawl on his hands and knees through ice. After that, they stick a funnel in Benvi’s ass and make his asshole chug their backwash as they both take turns spitting water into the funnel. Next they bend him over a bar and spit-roast him, creating an airtight seal while one fucks his ass and the other jams his big cock down his throat. They frog tie his legs and take turns fucking Benvi’s ass on his back with his legs spread. They each shoot their loads and leave Benvi there to figure his way out of the predicament.