Having Fun With A New Boy – Part 4

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Noah Carter

Master Sean has really been working over cute little Noah with the fucking machine. The boy seems a little shell shocked while sitting in the chair and he might think it’s over, but Sean is merely repositioning. Soon the boy is back over the bench, his blindfold covering his eyes once again, the dildo sliding back into his warm hole to continue pumping his pucker. Sean has one goal, and that’s to steal the cream from the boy. He lubes up that long cock and starts wanking, tugging on the twinks length, toying with his tender tip and balls, rubbing over and over again until Noah can’t stop the semen from pouring out of his penis in a messy finish that Sean seems happy with. No doubt this boy has learned a lot, but we all know there’s a lot more for the twink to discover.