Having Fun With A New Boy – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sean Taylor, Noah Carter

Sean has been taking his time with new boy Noah but even his experienced length of fuckmeat can’t hold back indefinitely. He’s working the blindfolded boy over with the fucking machine and loving being in control of it, speeding up the machine to make the boy more desperate. Noah’s hole is wet, far looser than it was when the dildo first slipped inside him, but his mouth is just as greedy as his arse while he gobbles and sucks the big hot dick presented to him. The twink obediently works the hard meat, his chute being pumped faster and faster, working his new master in his mouth until Sean is ready to feed the boy his hot squirting cum load! With semen dripping from the boy’s used mouth it’s a perfect time to take another humiliating photo, but there’s a little more to come before Sean can let his boy relax. Stick around for part 4.