Deep Sentence & Anal Oracle

Sherman Maus, Joey Wagner, Gunner

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Sherman Maus, Joey Wagner, Gunner

Joey Wagner and Gunner decide to seek the advice of fortuneteller, Sherman Maus, who consults his crystal ball. Sherman’s vision of Joey and Gunner’s future includes busted holes and rosebuds. To help them see even further into what’s in store, Sherman pulls out his cock for the studs to devour. Gunner and Joey want all the help they can get with their relationship and get to work sucking Sherman’s big dick. Joey decides he wants to see his boyfriend get fucked by Sherman and has Gunner bend over to take every inch that Sherman has to offer. After watching Gunner get plowed, Joey wants a go and sits on Sherman’s cock to ride it deep. After opening himself up on Sherman’s pole, Joey bends over on Sherman’s fist and takes it past the wrist as he sucks on Gunner’s cock. The guys switch it up so that Gunner can feel his future as well from the inside out. Gunner moans out as Sherman plows his asshole with his fists, alternating hands in and out, and getting his hole stretched all in the name of his relationship. Finally, Sherman suggests strengthening their bond by practicing busting out his hole. Joey and Gunner will do anything it takes to secure their bond and agree to fist Sherman together. It’s a sacrifice they’re willing to take and it brings all three studs to the brink when they all cum together on Sherman’s tight, fortuneteller body.