Grey Gold – Breaking In – Chapter 9

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Axel Johnson, Grey Gold

Young Grey Gould is allowed to rest for the night, splayed face-up on a wooden rack, naked, arms chained overhead. Axel Johnson enters, horny as hell and ready for fun. He sucks Grey’s cock then cranks a winch that, to Grey’s great surprise, stretches his young body taut. The boy moans and scrunches his eyes as the older man rubs oil all over his supine body and plays with his nipples. Then the real fun begins: Axel stretches Grey tighter and tighter until he screams in agony. He continues to play with Grey’s cock and strokes his taut muscles, enjoying the strain emanating from them. “Now you are going to cum for me,” he says, loosening the chains. “Yes, sir! Thank you sir!” the boy replies, as his dick hardens with each stroke by his master. Despite the pain, he ejaculates a huge load of cum. His reward? He’s stretched painfully again and left lone in the dungeon to suffer for hours.