Grey Gold – Breaking In – Chapter 8

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Axel Johnson, Grey Gold

Grey Gold remains chained in his neighbor’s basement, on his knees, a steel collar holding him in place. He’s been fed and allowed to rest but remains naked, a sex object. Axel Johnson enters, shirtless, his huge cock jutting out of his open jeans. Grey stares at the thing, terrified. Axel rams it deep down Grey’s throat, making the boy’s whole body shudder as he fucks his mouth, slaps his ass and fingers his asshole. Now fully erect, Axel tongues the boy’s hole lustfully then shoves his cock in. Grey moans and shakes, slapping the floor with his hands and feet, his eyes rolling back in his head, as he’s fucked like a cheap whore. Axel finally pulls out, cums all over the hairless youth’s back then resumes fucking him.