Grey Gold – Breaking In – Chapter 7

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Axel Johnson, Grey Gold

Eighteen-year-old Grey Gold is now strapped spread-eagle, to a low table, naked and blindfolded, his ankles roped to eye-hooks in the ceiling. He might not be the brightest boy in class, but Grey now realizes he is not being kept naked in this basement for punishment but for sexual pleasure: The guy torturing him is getting off on it! As if to confirm this suspicion, Grey suddenly feels his legs rising, spreading his ass cheeks. He hears heavy footsteps approaching then feels something hard and greasy pushing into his asshole. “Fuck!” he screams as Axel Johnston rams a thick, 12-inch dildo deep up his virginal hole, then rhythmically fucks him. Grey squeals like a stuck pig, his young body shaking and thrashing, as he’s fucked for an hour. Axel finally stops, stands over the supine boy and cums all over his chest and abs, leaving him for more abuse later.