Grey Gold – Breaking In – Chapter 6

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Axel Johnson, Grey Gold

Teen burglar Grey Gold hangs on the cross, hour after hour, his young body stretched and glistening, every muscle and tendon strained and aching. But there’s more to the horror of the cross than unrelenting agony. There is also the fear of suffocation. Grey’s chest is so stretched he can only take quick, labored breaths, and his legs and arms are so exhausted he can barely lift his body so he can breathe at all. With his beardless face and wisps of hair in each armpit, Grey is clearly just 18, his body lean and strong but still boyish with its narrow hips and just a hint of abs. For someone so young to suffer so badly is a total turn-on for Axel Johnson, but he makes Grey suffer even more. He flogs the crucified youth, stopping only to feel his muscles, then leaves him to hang on the wood for a hours more. He’ll cut him down before it’s too late, but just before.