Grey Gold – Breaking In – Chapter 5

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Axel Johnson, Grey Gold

Grey’s second day of punishment begins now. He is allowed to rest, naked, curled up next to a wooden cross. The thing comforts him a little – it’s something to hold onto while attempting to sleep, naked, on a cold, concrete floor – but he can only imagine what the cross will do to him. An hour later he finds out: He is bolted to the wood, arms spread, ankles strapped to the vertical beam, then raised upright. Axel Johnson, his neighbor, has fantasized about this moment for months: Seeing his naked, 18-year-old body displayed on the wood, stomach sucked in, ribcage straining against taut skin, pecs flattened. The boy’s body is even better than he expected, with muscular legs and shoulders and a beautiful chest and stomach topped off with fine nipples and deep armpits. And those moans of agony as the cross pulls him apart. Soon he is in total agony, his young body glistening.