Grey Gold – Breaking In – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Axel Johnson, Grey Gold

It’s one thing to be a hot teenaged boy who catches your neighbor checking you out when you take your shirt off while cutting his grass. It’s another thing all together when that neighbor, wearing jeans and a leather harness, is standing over you with a whip while you are chained facedown, naked to a wooden platform in a room lined with whips and dildos. The first blow of the leather single-tail whip is a light test, with just a little sting. The next twenty cut like a knife. Axel Johnson loves the 18-year-old’s boyish moans and watching his lean body thrash helplessly with each painful lash. And he doesn’t just whip the boy, he sprays the fresh wounds with alcohol and rubs them like things of beauty.