Gorgeous Maxxie Needs To Be Punished – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Maxxie Rivers

Maxxie is a daring boy, no doubt about it. This gorgeous young thing has already had some thorough spanking at the hands of Master Kane but things are getting even more intense for the delicious teen in this session. With the boy instructed to lay on the wooden plank his slim body is soon being restrained with tight ropes. It’s too early for a final hand job, but Master Kane has something else to pass the time with this cute young thing. With that hairy cock excited and stiff Master eases in the first of several sounding rods, starting out with the rigid cold metal easing down into his urethra, the hot pain and pleasure rushing through the boy and seemingly making him harder. The plastic bendy rod with bumps along it goes even deeper, but Maxxie can endure it. It’s amazing to see them sliding out of his cock tip again, dripping. There’s more to come, so stick around!