Good Little Mouse: Davin Strong And Jake Waters

Actors: Davin Strong, Jake Waters

Jake Waters meets with his therapist, Davin Strong to hopefully remedy the night terrors he’s been experiencing. Davin suggests hypnotherapy and within a couple of minutes, Jake is asleep on the Dr.’s couch. When Jake wakes up, he’s alone in Davin’s office. He opens the door to leave but there is a chain-link fence. He tries another doorway but it only lead to a nightmarish room filled with cages and chains. Davin, now naked with bandages covering his face, creeps up behind Jake and grabs him, taking him away kicking and screaming. Jake gets tied up with rope, inside a metal cage. Davin torments him with his brute strength, shaking the cage violently. He gets an electronic zapper and zaps Jakes flesh, making him say please and thank you. Davin places clothespins all over Jakes body and flicks them off one by one. In the next scene, Jake is on his knees, tied up with rope and barbed wire. Davin shoves his hard cock down Jake’s throat, and then paddles his ass hard. In the last scene, Davin removes his bandages, lays Jake down and fucks his ass raw and hard until he blows his load across Jakes ass.