Glen – Total Submission – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Glen, Jared

Jared was expecting his latest conquest, Glen, to be a pale, skinny nerd who sits at his computer all day, not a pretty boy with a lean, fit body and a gorgeous cock. Jared is so pleased he calls his buddy, a kinky rope-guy, who wraps Glen’s fat cock and the base of his balls in rope and yanks, making Glen moan and yelp through his tape gag as he arches his naked body off the X-cross he’s roped to. Glen loves submitting to these strong, dominant men, but the pain increases. Both are young and muscular, but they remain clothed, silent and cold, like machines that exist to inflict pain on boys but give nothing in return. That is exactly what they are – and Glen will suffer much more, as the flogging continues