Give It To Me, Sir: Vander Pulaski Submits To New Dom Jeremiah Cruze

Actors: Vander Pulaski, Jeremiah Cruze

Vander Pulaski arrives at the bondage compound dressed in leather. New dom Jeremiah Cruzereminds him that Vander is the sub and the leather must go. Vander obeys, stripped down to hisunderwear. Jeremiah licks his lips anticipating what he will find inside Vander’s shorts. Jeremiahholds Vander’s head to his crotch, allowing Vander to sniff and lick his leather pants. Jeremiah’scock comes out and Vander hungrily stuffs it in his mouth. Deep throat it, dude. Facefucking asVander begs for his new master to cum in his mouth. Not yet, he has to work for it first. Vanderis placed in bondage. Arms shackled above his head. Vander’s huge cock is hard and erect. Itfeels good when Jeremiah slaps his cock, but then Jeremiah takes out his flogger and goes towork on Vander’s naked flesh. The subs’ ass cheeks are left red and tender. Vander is placedinto more bondage. Mouth gagged, ankles chained, leather straps up and down his body, tied toa wooden cross. This time Jeremiah introduces a crop on Vander’s vulnerable cock. His tendernipples and hairy chest take a beating. Clothespins are applied to Vander’s ball sack, to hisnipples, across his torso… before Jeremiah continues the crop. Next comes the zapper, whichstings Vander’s thighs and meaty cock. A little face fucking before Vander is placed on his back,ass exposed. Jeremiah eats his ass and strokes the big cock, priming Vander for what is aboutto come. Jeremiah plows his subs’ ass like it’s candy. Choking, hair pulling. Jeremiah makessure to move over to Vander’s face before he cums, and shoots his load into his subs mouth.Vander takes it all and keeps sucking Jeremiah’s cock for more.